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Wrapping Up

May 26, 2016



The clouds glide gently over a brand new day as I sit sipping warm mint tea in the morning quiet, looking into the crystal morning and chasing the muse....u-u-until get up to hawk another giant loogie out of my throat! Oops, did I just ruin the poetic vibe? Yeah I did. But hey it's hard to be poetic when you're sick. Heck it's hard to be anything but sick when you're sick. I know, deep stuff I'm coming out with today.


Anyway while I've been fighting off the thing that wouldn't leave, I've also been getting pumped about releasing my first (solo) record. And even though I've heard and played and tweaked these songs so many times now I'm getting sick of them (see what I did there?), I think the thing I'm most excited about is finishing something, something I started over a year ago.


See, finishing things isn't really my strong suit. I'm really good at starting stuff (aren't we all!), but at some point along the way I usually lose steam, inspiration runs out or, in the case of my music, I get all perfectionist and conscientious about it. I begin to think things like "Nobodies gonna like this, so what's the point of even continuing on???" Yeah I'm dramatic like that.


But. When I push through these thoughts and persevere past the obstacles, I find that it's pretty much always worth the effort.


Besides the fact that I've reached that light at the end of the tunnel of this project, it's sweet to see how much growth happened along the way. Plus, there's that sense of confidence that comes from knowing that you can see a thing through to it's end. It's good. It's goooood.


I feel a little like a proud parent, waiting with anticipation for my baby CD to arrive (In case you haven't noticed by now I have a thing for metaphors). I hope it's not a crier. I don't even know what that means...Anyway as I sit here and breathe weezy breathes through congested lungs, I muster up a smile. Here's to progress, to pushing through, to dreams coming to fruition. Here's to finishing stuff! And getting it out there! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go hawk another loogie.   


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