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Post-LA thoughts

April 19, 2017

I'm back from a crazy, delightful, intensive, stimulating trip to California. I was fortunately picked to be one of 3 Hawaii songwriters chosen by the Creative industries Hawaii immersion program (Shout out to the State of Hawaii!) to go on this all-travel-expenses-paid trip to LA and dive into the music scene over there for a week.


The first few days we did meet-&-greets with people that work in all gamuts of the biz from music supervisors, lawyers, producers, publishers, interns to fellow songwriters. This part of the trip was exciting, although I felt a little in over my head with all the social interaction (that stuff takes a lot out of me). But it was cool seeing what goes into writing, collecting, and placing music (most of the companies we visited were mainly about placing music in T.V./Film/Commercials/resorts etc).


We co-wrote a song with some really talented writers (turns out 6 people can come up with some cool ideas) We also attended the ASCAP EXPO, which was pretty sensory overloading but also amazing (Stevie Wonder interview what!?) and at times very informative. Now I'm back home and reflecting on this past week. Here are a few of my personal takeaways:


~It really is all who you know in this business. But more than that, it's about developing relationship with those people & establishing that you have something of quality to offer.


~The more you write, the more chance of success you have. It's that simple. That's not to say you should just go write a bunch of mediocre songs, but that the best approach seems to be one of always thinking of new ideas, fleshing them out, and keeping that creative process going. In the words of one of the panelists: "Every song you write can't be a hit. But you can't write a hit if you aren't writing."


~Success takes a lot of devotion. enough to put in a ton of time and energy and belief into it. This quote from Stevie Wonder pretty much sums it up: " If you love it [music] you have to put some time and effort into it. It's like in any relationship....otherwise it becomes a relationsh*t."  


~LA has some amazing grindz. Especially Mexican food. Mmm mmm mmm. 


I'm extremely grateful to have gotten to go & on this trip & to share these experiences with new & old friends alike (shout out to Jerome for being our "tour guide"). I feel a little more equipped to get into this music thing on more of a full-time basis. Also I got my first placement while I was there, so that was really encouraging. And if there's one thing you discover really quick when moving into a career in music, it's that it takes a crap-ton of encouragement ;) Hope to be sharing some new music soon!  












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