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Notes and Rests (Monday update)

July 17, 2018

 Lately I haven't been creating a lot of content. The inspiration well seams a little on the dry side. I think that's part of being an artist, learning to ride the waves of creativity, but also learning to just paddle out and freaking wait.  


I push myself really hard when it comes to my music. Sometimes maybe too hard. This past weekend I spent propped up in my bed, laptop on my lap, humid air sticking to my 3 day stubble. I wanted to do something productive, but I had overdone it and had what I call a "stress cold". Time to rest. 


It can be really rewarding in and of itself to just be; to stop try to do, do, do, and go, go, go and create, create, create and alright with being. That was my big takeaway this weekend as I binged a season of my fave show, read a book and pretty much stayed away from any sort of activity that wasn't craning my neck to see the screen/page.


In a few days I'll be going to the Hawaii Songwriter Festival where hopefully some of the creative recharge will take place. My favorite part about this festival is that I get to connect with people who are creative and artistic minds just like me. It's the reason I keep going back year after year. 


I've got some cool plans (ironically one of them is dropping my next single soon, which is called *wait for it*... No Plans). My goal this year is to continue developing and releasing my music (including my full-length album!), and losing that perfectionist voice that says it'll never be good enough to see the light of day. I'm hoping next year to go on my first real tour. Goals for days. But for now I'm okay with just...I don't know, being.   

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