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Sounding Off

August 12, 2018

Well I Played some gigs this past weekend, and they were good times...but I'm not gonna lie the sound was pretty terrible. I'm realizing more and more that having good sound is a critical part of playing with confidence. As someone who doesn't like to get into technical nitty gritty stuff like EQ and routing signals, it's been a challenge to try and get the sound I'm after.


Thank God for sound guys.


But sometimes there is no sound guy. Sometimes there's no sound system, and you're forced to figure out how to get your acoustic amp to project over the cacophonous chatter of the bar you're playing at. It's times like this when it really helps to at least have the basics down (so I'm continually being reminded)


In this day and age of learning everything from Youtube videos and wikipedia, where asking for help is as easy as typing a sentence or two on your social media, there's still something to be said about learning hands on, finding things out from trial and error. The school of hard knox isn't usually fun, but when you graduate it's pretty dang satisfying. 


Playing music is fun. I don't enjoy the technical side of it so much, but I'm getting better at it in order to get better at making music. Every 1/4" plugged in to the right DI and getting sent to the right channel takes me one step closer to doing what I actually love. Kinda like making a delicious sandwich, so you can eat it!  





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