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Music the plecebo

September 4, 2018

Music is one of those things that touches the inner-most soul. A song can set your mood, be the soundtrack of your motivation, the theme of your road trip, the anthem of your struggle. 


It's powerful. It's subtle. It's a gift that gives back.


I recently watched a documentary about people who suffer from non-diagnose-able illnesses. These people have little to no hope of getting better, of ever even finding out exactly what's wrong. It's a sobering thought. They have to find ways to cope, ways to not dwell on how sucky their life is or how things didn't go according to plan. They needs support. They need placebos. 


At times, that's what music is for me.    


As someone who's known the frustration of chronic illness (although not to the degree of the brave souls who are practically unable to leave their own homes), I've had many sleepless nights, wondering if I'll ever get better, if things will ever go back to the way they were.


When I hear a song that hits me, it's like a respite from my health and life problems. When I go see a band I like or watch a Tiny Desk Concert or write a nice lyric, my mind is transported. My emotions are given life. it's a relief, a device that adds some sweetness to the bitterness that can fill the head.


I hope to find more answers to my health challenges. I hope the same for these people who's lives have been severely altered. But even if the answers never come, the music will be there.      

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