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The Waiting

September 4, 2018

There's always doubt in the waiting. Waiting for that friend to text you back. Waiting for that project you've slaved over to finally wrap up. Waiting to find a significant other. Waiting for those test results to come in. 


The voices of doubt start off small, but get louder until you wonder why nothing's happening, why your life seems to be on standby. You start to question your work, your worth as a friend, as a creator, a human being. 


Maybe you feel that way right now. I know I've been there a lot lately (that's why I'm writing this, kinda hoping I'm not the only one). So this is my positive affirmation (to myself, and whoever relates): 


Hang in there. That friend is probably just busy at the moment. That art you created will be ready soon and people will love it (even if it's 3 people). Life will move forward. It's moving forward right now, just maybe not at the speed you want it too. Success in life is more than results or unmet expectations. There will always be things we're waiting for, wondering about. But the doubt doesn't have to be debilitating, there's . 


I don't mean to get super spiritual, but these words of David give voice to those feelings and a response:


Why am I so sad?
Why am I so troubled?
I will put my hope in God,
and once again I will praise him,
my savior and my God.
(Psalm 42:11)


Our doubts can become expressions of faith when we don't let them define our journey.            

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