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The hardest part.

October 5, 2018

Where my introverts at? Let's all unite! (Seperately, in our own homes 😂). 


The toughest part for me about being an artist who performs live is dealing with people (no offence).


As someone who is highly introverted and high-reactive to things like loud noises, bright lights, and harsh words, dealing with people at shows and events, talking in social settings even-things most people don't have trouble with- are things that make me want to run away and hide in a dark cave. 


If only there was a way with modern technology where I could share my artistic talents and stories without having to go out and actually do it.....*ahem*social media 


Maybe you're like me, a human veering towards the INFJ(artistic, closed-off, "aloof") personality scale that doesn't enjoy the rigmarole of showing face and socializing. I know we're a rare breed, and society pushes us to cast off those feelings and jump into uncomfortably following social norms. 


If so let's find our way through the landmines of human interaction together. I mean not TOGETHER together, but. You know.

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