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Thank You!

November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving is just in the rearview, tryptophan-induced lazing about and eating until your shorts were a size too small, family squabbles and laughter all still fresh in the brain.


I feel like thankfulness is something you can never have too much of, and I wanted to take a minute and really spell out my gratitude for some people who have been instrumental in my life this past year. 


First my parents. I never thought I'd be still living at home at 30 (although I guess it's becoming the new normal for the millennial gen). My parents could've kicked me out a long time ago, and honestly I wouldn't have blamed them. Instead, they've been nothing but supportive of my unique health situation, showing Christ-like love and proudly sharing enthusiasm for my musical endeavors. So thanks mom & dad for allowing me to figure out some things in my life in my own time. 


My sisters: Meghan for always being up for an adventure, Shan for being the original besty and Izze & Brooky for making me the proudest uncle ever. And sissy aka Alison for keeping me gainfully employed during the last few years and for encouraging me to grow.


Thanks to Alan, for always being down for a jam or recording sesh & for your enthusiasm for life.


To Brad, for your honesty and feedback with my songs, and constant generosity. 


To Nate, for letting me crash at your house for weeks on end. And growing the best mustache. Ever.


The Iannucci family, Joey, and the rest of my Kauai fam for your hospitality and friendship. You guys rock, can't wait to hang again! 


Thanks to Truth, for working tirelessly to get No Plans up to snuff. We got more good things coming bro!


New good things are in store for next year, but I feel thankful for what I was able to accomplish this year. More than that I feel like I've deepened connections with people in a way that my introverted self has always shied away from in the past. I'm realizing more and more that it's the people in your life that really give it value, and that making sure they know that is important. Life is too short for anything else. 


Thanks for reading this!

If you made it this far, then dang I commend you on your great attention span. You can follow my musical journey on instagram & facebook: @higgsofficial 




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